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Welcome to the world of Gaia. A land full of magicks, materia, mystery and mayhem. Peace never reigns long in this land; war had ragged the world, plagued it for years. From the two great Sorceress’s Wars to the war between Dalmasca and Archadia, crazy scientists, Meteors, the Heartless, a deadly virus and more. Who knows what the next major catastrophe may be?

Shiva Dancing is A Freeflow Final Fantasy RPG set in the world of Gaia. Gaia is made up of towns and locations from various Final Fantasy games. For your reference, a map is available - see the links below. Gaia has always been this way - no worlds collided or were transported in, however there are still places that may be discovered in the future.



Find the game at
shiva_dancing - The main community where the third person threads take place.
mognetmail - The Mognet Mail Network where phone calls, voice posts, and other first person threads take place.
huntmymark - The Clan journal where hunts are posted.
shivadancingooc - The OOC community where players can plot, chat and where announcements are made.



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