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Who: Blank, [Open]
When: Start of Summer
Where: Lindblum
What: Selling tickets
Rating: PG13ish

The sun was warm over Lindblum, the days long and the crisp scent of summer was in full bloom. The pickles were selling fast, despite their stench, the milk shop was constantly busy. Lindblum really was a hive of activity. It was great to see the city repaired after the attacks and great to see people going about their day to day business.

It seemed the perfect time for a show. Baku had agreed with Blank and soon the Prima Vista was prepared, the cast ready, tickets and flyers prepared. What better way to boost the summer sensation than with the amazing 'I Want To Be Your Canary'? One of Lord Avon's finest works.

Now all that was left to get the word on the street. Moogles had been given tickets and flyers to advertise in other towns and cities, and Blank set off to advertise around Lindblum's Business District. Marcus was in charge of the Theatre District and, Cinna the Industrial District.

"Hello ladies" he crooned, making them swoon. "Can I interest you in some tickets to the hottst show around? Only 100 gil a ticket." They instantly forked over their money and were rewarded with a cheek kiss each. Easy as pie. Two tickets down, loads to go!
Stiltzkin • World News

Deep Sea Research Centre Exploration


[ The day of the exploration has finally arrived. Moogle-airships have collected everyone who signed up. There is a lot of chatter and noise amongst the moogles, it is easy to see that they are nervous.

They’ve landed the airship on top of the Deep Sea Research Centre, and it is a long, long way down to the heart of the place. No worries, they have the heroes to protect them. ]

"Come along, kupo, time to make a start!"

"I hope no monsters eat us, kupo~"

[ Deep within the Research Centre, rabid hybrid Malboros roam. More violent and vile than the ones that roamed the lands of Gaia not so long ago. ]


[ OOC: This is the official Deep Sea Research Centre exploration thread. Don’t worry if you didn’t sign up for it in game, feel free to jump in anyway. The more the merrier. Have fun! And sorry for the delay! ]
Moguo • Espas News

EVENT: Festival of Fertility and New Birth

~ The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Love. ~


[ The Marlboro attacks have left everyone feeling scared and on edge. Cities and towns have been working hard to repair the damage and the people have been nursing the injured and the sick. The numbers have declined, but the source still hasn't been found.

Still, the first buds of Spring are beginning to appear and it is time to forget all the cars and troubles for a few days to celebrate the Festival of Fertility and New Birth – The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Love.

Air cabs have been sent out across the globe to transport people to Alxandria. The streets are lined with stalls and vendors selling their wares. Trinkets, ornaments, memorabilia, charms, street foods. Dancers twirl and spin along the streets, flower girls throw rose petals. White chocobos pull ornate carriages.

Alexandria Castle is closely guarded by the infamous Alexandrian Guards and Pluto Knights. All working hard to protect the citizens from any more Malboros. Inside, the grand halls are beautifully decorated and awaiting to be filled with guests. There is music and food and a dance floor.

All are welcome. ]


[ OOC: The Festival of Fertility and New Birth – The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Love is open to all who wish to join. Reply to this post, create your own threads, make subthreads, party style tagging and threadjacking is encouraged. Mingle, reply to other people! Go crazy and have fun!! ]

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Bi-Winning. You're welcome.

Who: Al-Cid Margrace and Quistis Trepe
What: Traveling to Garden to update Squall on this and that!
Where: Al-Cid's airship, Balamb Garden, Balamb Area.
When: After this thread (NSFW at times) which happened after the initial incident.
Interaction: Squall Leonhart, [OPEN]
Warnings: Dunno for sure, but it's Al-Cid, so I'm gonna tag this "D" for "Damn!", also, prolly at least PG-13.

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